Virginia Water Resources Research Center

Hurricane Information Sources

(As of 11/5/13)

Here are some resources for following hurricanes during the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1-Nov. 30). If you know of a good source to add, please send the information to

How to Help :

Emergency Management Agencies:

Major newspapers in affected regions:

Local and regional news media are excellent sources of information about hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Weather Information:

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Information for Donating to Relief Efforts after International Disasters

(as of 1/14/14)

InteractionAction is a Washington, D.C.-based alliance of international aid organizations. It's Web site gives information and links for many organizations that provide relief after natural disasters (including, in many cases, those that are already working in the area of concern). For more information, visit


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Web sites on pharmaceuticals and other personal care products in drinking water and water resources

(As of 11/5/13)

Fairfax County, Virginia

U.S. Geological Survey


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Marine debris poster

Color illustration (prints to 8.5x11 inches) from South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium that shows the time it takes for various objects to decompose in the marine environment. Available for print or download. (Posted 3/7/08)

Download poster (aprox. 1MB)